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October 20th, 2016

Interieur architect / projectleider

Beschikbaarheid zo spoedig mogelijk
opleidingsniveau WO
jaren ervaring 5 jaar of meer
aantal uren full time

Nederlands sprekend

CV en portfolio naar: D. Rietveld –

Interieur architect / projectleider

Als interieur architect/projectleider leid je zelfstandig (complexe) projecten in binnen- en buitenland waarbij je in samenspraak interieurarchitectuuropdrachten ontwerpt, uitwerkt en presenteert aan klanten. Je zal een klein team van junior architecten en stagiaires moeten aansturen. Daarnaast draag je mede zorg voor het acquireren van nieuwe opdrachten.

Functie eisen

- Minimaal WO niveau opleiding
- Minstens 5 jaar werkervaring of meer
- Werkzaamheden voor een vergelijkbaar bureau of bureau’s verricht

Type persoon

Toewijding en passie voor wat je doet, creatief, nieuwsgiering, standvastig, lol halen uit het onmogelijke mogelijk maken, team player, verantwoordelijk, zelfstandig.

Omschrijving activiteiten en verantwoordelijkheden

- het opstellen van offertes en calculaties op basis van klantwensen
- nabellen van offerte en toesturen van getekende overeenkomsten
- het bedenken van ontwerpen en deze uitwerken op esthetisch vlak (in samenspraak met het team van APTO)
- klantmanagement waaronder het inventariseren van wensen, werkbespreking, bezoek op locatie, notuleren van klantbespreking en verzorgen van presentaties
- zelfstandig kunnen uitwerken van projecten van concept tot uitvoering
- offertes aanvragen bij leveranciers, offertes controleren
- het bouwen en onderhouden van relaties met leveranciers
- aansturen van een compact team van junior architecten en stagiaires
- het controleren “on site” van de realisatie van het ontwerp, indien nodig betrokkenen tijdig bijsturen en de oplevering begeleiden
- het zorgdragen voor een goede projectadministratie
- het actief acquireren van nieuwe projecten en het signaleren van verkoopkansen binnen lopende projecten
- Je bent werkzaam op het kantoor in Amsterdam Oost, Timorplein 38

Residents evening Cruquiusgebied Amsterdam

September 21st, 2016

APTO presented the new design for the transformation of the Insulindefabriek at the hart of the new residential area Cruquiusgebied in Amsterdam at the residents evening. Insulindefabriek will be a place to picknick, enjoy a coffee, crafted retailers and other functions for the neighbourhood. In close collaboration with Buro Lubbers for landscaping this new area will be a lively place. Amvest as initiator and Mooilostop as developer.

Moxy Eschborn open!

August 3rd, 2016

Today the new Moxy Eschborn Frankfurt opened. APTO designed the communal spaces. The Moxy challenges our perception of hospitality nowadays. The hotel of Eschborn is the third hotel which opened after Malpensa and Munich in Europe. Soon more to come!

Insulindefabriek, Cruquius Amsterdam Oost

July 22nd, 2016

A new vibrant social hart is going to be created at Cruquius in Amsterdam East. The old factory "De Insulinde fabriek" is going to be transformed into a social hotspot with users as restaurants, cafés, office spaces and other small craftsmanship entrepreneurs. In close collaboration with AMVEST as initiator and developer, Mooilostop and Rene Bijaard, APTO created a new design to upgrade the former factory to make modern times.

Specific attention was given to the preservation of characteristic details. The exotic history of Insulinde starts more than a century ago in the Javanese town of Banyuwangi. Since the company was founded in 1913 the company specializes in the production of coconut oil. Large quantities of the oil palm fruit were pressed so as to release their oil. The oil was carried by ships from the Dutch East Indies to the Entrepothaven the Amsterdam Cruquius Island. Insulinde house served as headquarters of the company. To bring back this historic value to the new planned extensions, APTO introduced speciallly designed Batik patterns.

When the transformation is completed, the Insulinde factory will be an unique new place for Amsterdam.

Dag van het Zorgvastgoed

June 29th, 2016

APTO attended the yearly event "dag van het zorgvastgoed" at the Novotel. Together with our partners of Meer4zorg looking for new challenges in care living environments. With Meer4zorg we have an integral approach to create new concepts and designs for the grey boom. The aging population living in care communities are getting more actively old and are more in control of how healthcare is provided to them. During a panel discussion the alderman of Hoorn, Theo van Eijck, mentioned our latest project in Hoorn, Blokker, the St. Jozefshuis as 'the example' of how to open up elderly homes and create a new spot for the neighbourhood. Together with WoonzorgNL, APTO continues to interact with local entrepreneurs and residents to make sure the new hospitality concept for the St. Jozefshuis is really connected to the local economy of Blokker.

BLINDSPOT - a new way to look at space

June 2nd, 2016

First comment we had during our 2D presentation: “so much is drawn in your floorplan, I cannot imagine it fitting in this space”. Blindspot (VR webased app) enables us to actually show realtime what the space will really look like. The better you can show the users what the space is going to be, the more input we get. This is great! Blindspot is an app developed in collaboration by Knownfor and APTO Architects. With this tool we try to re-invent the way we collaborate with our clients. With blindspot, you can activate sound, visuals and many other things with just you mobile phone, VR glasses and you eyes. The website of Blindspot will be launched soon.


June 2nd, 2016

It was all about Moxy last month: Moxy Munich Airport Hotel opened its doors! APTO Architects attended to the opening party and we saw our design as a great décor for inspiring people and an awesome party.

Moxy Hotel Munich Airport really showcases what the hospitality design of the future will look like. The services are inspired by the activities that take place and the right atmosphere. When you are at Moxy, there is a look and feel that makes you comfortable, like you are at home!


May 3rd, 2016

We'd like to expand our team with a new intern! Are you still studying, or thinking about an internship in Amsterdam with the Erasmus scolarship? Don't think too long and send us your CV and portfolio!

We are looking for an intern with an Architect/Real Estate background, who is getting enthusiastic about our projects (check and willing to stay with us for at least six months.

Do you have graphic skills and are you experience with Revit, Vray and Adobe Creative Suite? Send your CV and portfolio (max. 5MB) to

The great green dream of China

March 16th, 2016

Adding value to Chinese heritage. How do you do that? In Shenyang old National Forest Park a modern sustainable green dream is about to be realised. Around sixty old monuments had to become one with the planned city park of 10.000.000 m2 for the rapidly growing city of Shenyang. The city is planned to grow from 8 to 15 million residents in the coming 10 years. This plan is part of the preservation and redevelopment of the area of the Great Green Wall of China. APTO designed a concept in close collaboration with Niek Roozen landscape architects, which enables the Chinese government to preserve the old buildings and create a thriving citypark where you can feel the Chinese heritage.

Curious what we designed? We will publish more on our website soon.

THINK - Smart Logistics

March 9th, 2016

We are currently in an accelerated digitalization. The number of devices that have access to the internet in our environment will exponential increase the coming years. The “Lora Network” makes it possible to connect a lot of devices, while only using a low voltage, to the internet. This allows service-oriented enterprises to change significantly in the future. A perfect example is the firm “Rent to Kill” that annually visits our office of APTO to check all the mousetraps. Implementing a smart sensor in this mousetrap, which is connected to the Lora Network, enables them to receive a message when a mouse is actually trapped. They can send someone over, or even better, send the owner of the building a message, telling him to throw the trap away and placing a new one, which he received by mail. Because “The Internet of Things” and the development of smart sensor technology new opportunities arrive, service-related companies will make a shift to new conveniences. As an architect we see this as one of the biggest developments in the coming years: the integration of smart buildings and their surroundings can organize a better and more sustainable city.

If you are interested to join our first meeting about this subject, send an email to

We are looking for a technical designer.

February 10th, 2016

We are looking for freelancers with strong Revit skills. You only take a job when it makes you enthusiastic and you really want to contribute to a project. While you are working for APTO you are part of our team. We expect you to think along and to deliver good drawings. You have demonstrable experience with Revit, knowledge of BIM and the construction costs.

We have a continuous need of someone with these skills, so we are eager use your services. Do you fit into this profile and are you willing to do jobs for us? Send your portfolio to

New Exporama at Oslo

November 24th, 2015

Yesterday APTO Architects made it to the front page of the Norwegian tabloid newspaper Dagens Næringsliv with our concept and design developed for the new Exporama at Oslo, Norway.

Exporama Center at Oslo has long been in need of a facelift: "One of the largest exhibitions centers are totally renovated and also get a new Marriott hotel (Moxy) connected to the building."

With this creation SHM is taking up the battle with the established conference hotels in Eastern Norway.

Healthcare Event

November 13th, 2015

Last Thursday the 12th of November 2015 ULI and APTO organized a healthcare event at “de Balie” in Amsterdam. Healthcare is rapidly changing and two experts in the field, Karel Sant (Concire & Partners) and Joost de Baaij (Syntrus Achmea), shared their vision on future trends and possible solutions. It's really interesting to see different views from the concepts of the care side and from the investors role. Both sides prefer to build on existing local services and entrepreneurs. Clearly shown by Joost de Baaij is that healthcare related real estate is the largest market in Holland, but still the undiscovered. Healthcare in combination with real estate is still seen as a negative. Technology will change the way we operate, maintain and take care of our real estate and the services that we offer to users. Always creating a mix of different healthcare typologies is key in making sustainable real estate and concepts.

APTO is working on unique concepts together with partners. We are always in search of sharing our ideas, please contact us!

Subsidy available

November 6th, 2015

There is a subsidy available from (open for applications till the end of November 2015) for feasibility study on redevelopment of monumental buildings. APTO would like to conduct this research for you to protect your property from decay and vacancy. Do you own a monumental building? Send an email to and we will hand you some more information.

More info (Dutch):

More Moxy

October 21st, 2015

There is a lot going on about Moxy Milan Malpensa. Moxy is really becoming a brand, especially on social media. The hashtag #atthemoxy has already been used more than a thousand times on Instagram and Twitter. It’s striking that with most posts we see our own design!

According to Shermanstravel Blog ( the lobby is the place to be. Well it should be with its artistic designs especially made for Moxy Milan, like the helmets on the wall (think about the Italian Vespa) and the mannequin (think about Milan as a fashion capitol), combined with modern furniture and a cool food and beverage zone it is definitely the place to be. Condé Nast Traveler even states that Moxy Milan Malpensa Hotel is the number one airport hotel of the world. Condé Nast Travel has 750.000 followers on Twitter. This upcoming success of Moxy shows the reinforcing interaction of a good hospitality design and a brand.

The next Moxy hotel to launch is in Munchen, Germany. It will open at the first quarter of 2016. APTO signed already for several more Moxy’s. So spread the wor(l)d… More Moxy to come!

Work in Progress

October 7th, 2015

As you already may know, APTO designed a Grab & Fly unit for HMSHost. HMSHost asked for a kiosk, which is customizable for every location. APTO made a parametric design where speed is the keyword; Speed in functionality, speed in design and speed in construction. This is the fourth Grab & Fly, which is made to fit perfectly on the C-Pier location at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. Interior contractor Hekker ( is now preparing the unit to install it at the airport. Soon you can grab your drink and snack at this unit, just before you fly!

New Project in China

September 30th, 2015

We've already told you that APTO will be in Shanghai this October for the workshop concerning 'Shaping the Office' organized by Bruynzeel Storage Systems. It seems that Asia is a new territory for APTO because last week we received a new assignment in China! Unfortunately we can't share the ins and outs with you yet... but we'll keep you posted! Meanwhile, we will broaden our knowledge in China by learning the language, origami folding, eating Chinese food ...

Conversation: Transition in Dutch Healthcare

August 11th, 2015

The current transition in elderly care has prompted the launch of a new research by TU Delft. This research will look at new housing solutions for elderly care facilities. Which transitions are necessary for architecture and urbanism? And how can we ensure a better urban integration of primary healthcare services?

At the 1st of July 2015 APTO realized a round table conversation at AMS Institute in Amsterdam, accompanied by Luc Willekens of TU Delft. The purpose of the meeting was to bring together different areas of expertise in order to develop an interdisciplinary concept. We concluded this first session with the notice that healthcare must be integral and be consumer-oriented. It is untenable to separate elderly care from our daily life: integration is necessary.

We’d like to thank Karel Sant, Daniël Mutsears, Mark Claasen, Luc Willekens, Bram Harding en Milan Bergh for being present at this first round table conversation. If you are interested to attend a future round table discussion or are want to read the presentation, please send an email to

Visit Shanghai October 2015

July 31st, 2015

APTO has been selected by Bruynzeel to develop the new collection of future office storage systems. Together with Jacob Jensen design APTO will create a vision for the new way of storing items in a workshop with the duration of one week in Sjanghai, China. Presentations will be held at the Jiao Tong University.

This selection is a result of winning the competition Shaping the office. APTO noticed that at least 50% of the current office ceilings are not used and current storage is in cabinets on rented office floors. APTO’s design Cloud Cabinet offers the solution: USE THE CEILING FOR STORAGE!

The jury rapport by Jacob Jensen Design says: “This idea is a perfect example of visionary thinking that results in a functional solution. The idea to use the ceiling for storage is great and we can see this work as the next generation Bruynzeel storage system.”

Visit this link for more information:

See you in October 2015 Shanghai!